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Current Members

Peter Sagmeister

  • Field: Chemistry
  • Specific Field: Flow Chemistry, Digitalization of Chemistry, Process Analytics and Advanced Control Technology
  • Topic: Process Analytics and Advanced Control Strategies for an Automated Continuous Flow Chemistry Platform
  • Tasks: Chair (2021-2022), Monthly Drinks

I want to take to opportunity to connect all PhD students from all different fields of science and focus on the science communication to a broad spectrum of the public.

Smirna Malkoc

  • Field: Psychology
  • Specific Field: Educational Psychology, Vocational Psychology and Gender Research
  • Topic: Transformation of education in the time of Covid-19 pandemic and beyond: well-being, resources, and barriers among students
  • Tasks: Co-chair (2021-2022), 2nd co-chair (2022-2023)

I signed up for my StV because I would like to stand up for the interests of my fellow students. Representing the interests of underrepresented groups in the university sector (e.g. women, first generation academics, students with a migration background) is my major concern.

Dario Grimaldi

  • Field: Physics
  • Specific Field: Nano Optics
  • Topic: Coupling of plasmons with elementary emitters
  • Tasks: Networking, CuKo (2021 -2022), 2nd co-chair (2021-2022)

As a member of the StV, I want to help re-establish a focal point for new and advanced PhD students in the natural sciences.

Bensu Günay

  • Field: Chemistry / Physics
  • Specific Field: Single molecule chemistry, Surface Science, Scanning tunneling techniques
  • Topic: Investigation of Molecules on Surfaces via Scanning Tunneling Microscopy
  • Tasks: Social Media, communication

I just started my PhD in physical chemistry and enjoy meeting people and organising social events and activities. For this reason I am happy to be part of the team for StV PhD NAWI and look forward to planning and taking part in some nice events. 

Manu Gupta

  • Field: Physics
  • Specific Field: Astrophysics
  • Topic: Solar Flares
  • Tasks: Outreach, Organizing tours and trips

I have joined the StV Doctoral NAWI because I wanted to help students new to Austria, improve interaction among doctoral students, and for that purpose organize events and fun activities such as hiking trips, tours of chocolate factory, Christmas market and Buschenschanks. events. 

Robin Guttmann

  • Field: Chemistry
  • Specific Field: Theoretical Chemistry
  • Topic: High-accurate Calculations of hydrogen-bonded Systems
  • Tasks: Website admin

I am part of the StV Doctoral NAWI, because I want to support new PhD students and connect people of all different fields in natural sciences for fruitful discussions.

Julia Lanz

  • Field: Chemistry / Physics
  • Specific Field: Surface Science
  • Topic: Manipulation of single molecules and atoms on metal surfaces
  • Tasks: Welcome Guide, Communication, Networking

I signed up for the StV because I want to support my fellow students when they need help concerning their PhD studies. I am also motivated to help creating a bigger community within the different doctoral schools at the University of Graz and organizing social events for people to connect.

Bence Sándor Nagy

  • Field: Chemistry
  • Specific Field: Continuous Flow Chemistry
  • Topic: Multistep Continuous Flow Synthesis of Critical Chiral Medication
  • Tasks: Networking

I have joined the StV Doctoral NAWI because I wanted to be part of a community which provides help for other students. I also wanted to expand my horizon through connecting with fellow students from other fields of study.

Dominik Polterauer

  • Field: Chemistry
  • Specific Field: Continuous Flow Chemistry
  • Topic: Multistep synthesis of active pharmaceutical ingredients using continuous flow technologies with process intensified conditions
  • Tasks: Activities Committee, Treasurer, Monthly Drinks

I am a part of the StV Doctoral NAWI, because I would like to create a platform where PhD students of the NAWI faculty can network with each other. As part of the StV I would like to focus on organizing social events, such as a Buschenschankfahrt, monthly drinks or a sports tournament.

Michael Prieschl

  • Field: Chemistry
  • Specific Field: Continuous Flow Chemistry
  • Topic: Continuous flow generation and utilization of unstable intermediates for the synthesis of essential medicines
  • Tasks: Networking, Monthly Drinks, CuKo (2022- ), co-chair (2022-2023)

I am a part of the StV Doctoral NAWI, because I think connections between the different fields of natural sciences are very important. I want to enable more exchange between the fields through social events and make the life of PhD students easier.

Anantha Krishnan Sen Saji

  • Field: Molecular Biology, Biochemistry
  • Specific Field: Aging, Lipid Metabolism
  • Topic: Novel regulatory mechanisms of lipid metabolism in Drosophila melanogaster
  • Tasks: Outreach, CuKo (2022 -)

I am in StV because I was always interested in representing the Ph.D. student community. As a member of StV, I would like to connect with more students and find solutions for the issues that PhD students face, be it regarding the curriculum or the work pressure in their studies.

Henrik Siboni

  • Field: Chemistry / Physics
  • Specific Field: Surface science
  • Topic: Scanning Probe Microscopy of Pharmaceutical Nanoparticles
  • Tasks: Welcome Guide, Outreach, CuKo (2021 -), chair (2022-2023)

The PhD students need to be heard and that is what we in the StV stand for. In particular, I am interested in improving the quality of the PhD programme as well as connecting the PhD students with the public.