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Doctoral Academy

The Doctoral Academy is a programme that funds a select number of PhD positions in a consortium. There are a number of such consortia (see Consortia) having in common that several institutes, areas and working groups work together on a specific topic.

Even very unusual combinations are possible, which would not get funded, therefore the Doctoral Academy is the perfect place for professors (and their working groups) to bring new unusual ideas into play and form such a consortium together with others.

There are several advantages for the PhD students (typically 2 each working group taking part in such a consortium):

  • networking: working on a specific topic with other people from other fields
  • talks organized by the Doctoral Academy
  • courses organized such as Programming courses and soft skill
  • own events organized like Doc Academy Dac, PhD drinks, etc.
  • Travel money: each PhD candidate has the opportunity to apply for funding by the Academy.
  • ….

Even if you are not part of any consortia, the courses offered are often open to all PhD students.

The Doctoral Academy itself is supported by the DocService and the head is typically the Vice-Rector for Research and Career Development
Website: https://doctoral-academy.uni-graz.at/en/