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Links & Offers

Welcome Guide for new PhD students (May, 2022)
Curriculum survey: our survey to collect opinions for the Curriculum Doktorat NAWI -> take your chance 🙂

ÖH related stuff:
ÖH website
FV-NAWI website

StV Biologie
IV Chemie
StV Erdwissenschaften(KFU) & StV Erdwissenschaften(TU)
Sigma Graz
StV Molekularbiologie
StV Pharmazie
BaGru Physik
StV Pyschologie

Offers by the University:
DocService: help all PhD students with questions and organize events (more info on DocService)
Doctoral Academy: is a consortium from different working groups, where PhD students get funded and work together on a specific topic
University Sports Centre: The University Sports Center (USI) offers several cheap sport courses for students/employees
German Courses: free German classes for employees from the university (more info on intranet_german_lessons)

Doctoral program:
curriculum Doctoral NAWI (2019): NAWI Doctoral program
or on the faculty website: NAWI Doctoral program (Faculty website)
Supplementary information: Supplementary information

Doctoral schools:
Doctoral School Biology
Doctoral School Chemistry
Doctoral School Earth Sciences
Doctoral School Mathematics and Scientific Computing
Doctoral School Molekularbiologie und Biochemie
Doctoral School Pharmaceutical Sciences
Doctoral School Physics
Doctoral School Psychology

DocService offers a full list of possible funding:
Funding by the Unviversity
External Funding

especially important for us:
ÖAW Doc Stipendium
ÖAW Doc-Team Stipdenium
FWF programs